View Full Version : Was Pluto Ever REALLY a Planet?

2012-May-31, 10:00 PM
Ever since the infamous 2006 reclassification of Pluto off the list of “official” planets (which had a rather incendiary effect on many of the distant world’s Earthly fans) the term “planet” has been seen as a variable one, difficult to nail down and apparently able to be given and taken away. But was Pluto ever [...]

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2012-Jun-01, 02:47 AM
Define "really." :p

2012-Jun-01, 05:14 AM
I do remember being quite irate when I found out the news, especially since I released a terraformed Pluto add-on for an open source space program a year prior to the demotion. :p

2012-Jun-02, 05:06 PM
The answer to the Fraser's question is, of course, "yes": it was moved out of planet-dom because the term "planet" was redefined, not because Pluto was improperly classified for seventy years.

For several reasons, I disagree with the reclassification of Pluto, mostly because I think that the new definition of "planet" is too conditional on extrinsic characteristics, like a body's orbit, vs intrinsic ones ("clear its orbit" is bad; "hydrostatic equilibrium" is good), and, to some extent, it seems to have been motivated primarily to exclude KBOs.