View Full Version : Light antennas?

2004-Sep-21, 03:11 PM
I found this article on CNN thismorning.


It's pretty neat. I wonder if this will, once perfected, make solar cells capable of turning light in to electricity at a far greater efficency than is possible today.
Anyone of the physically/quantumly inclined care to venture how well this might work?

2004-Sep-21, 03:18 PM
People are complaining about that article here. (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=16406) ;)

Eta C
2004-Sep-21, 08:15 PM
Here's a link to the AIP's Physics News Update (http://www.aip.org/pnu/2004/split/701-1.html) article on this research. Since it's written by a scientist with some journalism training instead of a journalist with no science training it actually makes some sense. I find that AIP (and APS) releases are much better than anything you'll find on science in the mainstream press.