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2012-Jun-09, 01:59 PM
I'll call myself a skeptic but not to the point of pursuing it as a passion or hobby. So, in the category of Good-Ideas-That- Someone-Else-Ought-To-Do (And-Maybe-Has-Already), I propose "The Promise Breaker's Calendar". This would be a calendar where each year, month and day would have annotations about what important technological innovations are promised for that date - I mean promised by persons who actually intend to do them, not simply promised by Futurists.

Then I could satisfy my idle curiosity about things like whether the Noble Gas Engine and ECAT are on schedule and whether someone should be selling a homeowner's solar steam turbine. The Promise Breaker's Calendar might be equally embarrasing to mainstream technologists.

2012-Jun-09, 07:53 PM
Well, you can start by perusing all of those "Popular Science" magazines. LOL . It's an interesting mag BUT..... there's enough 'vaporware' to fill a book. And just where is Smokey Yunick's 3 cylinder engine that puts out 175 HP at 1500RPM?
and so many other "Claims and promises" just around the corner?

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