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2004-Sep-27, 01:15 AM

I've been using the website as a reference source for some time (along with others) for debating with HB's. A big thank-you to Phil for providing such a resource for folks like me.

I'm currently debating the Face and Cydonia related stuff with someone (on a forum somewhere in the ether...).
We've only exchanged a post each but he has already conceded that Hoagland is basically a washout (he thanked me for the link to the Hoagland debunk here :)) but he insists 'The "Face" does not live or die on Hoagland'...
I am about to debunk all the other stuff he has cited sources for but he's thrown up a couple of things I haven't heard of before;

"It is my understanding that the presumed Cydonian structure imagery been subjected to military type fractal testing (determines whether an object is natural or manmade) and was found not to be of natural origin."


"Have you looked at any of the work done on the site geometry at Cydonia and the rather remarkable similarities to certain Earth sites."

now until he can provide some references for these he's in a weak position - but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone had heard of this stuff?


2004-Sep-27, 02:36 AM
Hey! Welcome to the board! :-D

We did debate for a short time one of Hoaglands believers here. That is untill he showed himself to be nuthing other than a troll. But some good analysys came out of it. In particular are the mirrored images of the famous parts of mars. Especially showing how the "face" is not symetrical.

here is the discussion:

Hope that helps. If you have any other problems we will be glad to help. Just post your problem here and i bet we can use our collective minds to get at it. Or even better, if you really want help in a controlled environment, ask the person to come here and we can all have some fun . :-)

[added:] Here is a post by Freddo. It shows what i was talking about:

2004-Sep-28, 05:09 PM
For what it's worth, MGS just released a new Face image (http://www.msss.com/moc_gallery/r10_r15/images/R12/R1201738.html), though it's not as good as some of the earlier ones.

2004-Sep-30, 05:52 PM
I think the fractal imagery thing was a paper done by Carlotto - called 'a method for detecting artificial objects on planetary surfaces'. I read in in JBIS about 15 years ago. From what I can remember he applied his technique to an earth-aerial photo of a desert with some tanks in it - and surprisingly, the tanks stood out in the featureless desert - and then applied it to the cydonia images - and again, surprisingly, the face, pyramids etc stood out from the flat background.

A lesser scientist here might suspect the fractal imagery technique is not thoroughly proven... and a proper title for the paper might have been 'a method for detecting objects on planetary surfaces'.

Electric Ashalar
2004-Oct-06, 03:43 PM

That "Troll" being referred to is me. :D

Humphry,Could you kindly elaborate on this.

I would not be offended if you could find the time to either rescind that remark or edit it out.
I'm a Snake...not a Troll :wink:
Thanx in advance.

2004-Oct-06, 04:11 PM
This waslong after you dissapeared so i thought it was a true statement, but since you have returned.... Due to my personal policy about not editing posts like that I will not edit it, but i will apologize to you since you have come back to aswer your questions. I formally take back the "troll" remark. But you still have to show us in the other tread your proof and back up your claims.

Electric Ashalar
2004-Oct-06, 09:14 PM
I wasn't offended,but upon re-reading,I noticed a statement that is similar to others."One of Hoagland's-believers-" wich is related to other remarks such as "Disciple" Lmao!

I am an independant researcher in no way affiliated with the man or his mission.No more than I would call you a disciple of Phil's.

Stick around,the thread Humphry eluded to will hopefully provide you with either ammunition or insight.But I can hardly see how you can debate Cydonia when it hasn't been codified.The project I have initiated will as an end result,give you a foundation from wich to stand on.It has lofty goals.

2004-Oct-07, 07:06 AM
Electric Ashalar: what do you mean, Cydonia hasn't been codified? In what way do you have to codify a geographical feature (natural or non-natural) to debate it?