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2004-Sep-27, 10:31 AM
I'm (once again) playing trough the Commander Keen series (a bunch of really good platform games). In one of these games, the hero (Commander Keen) must save the galaxy by disabling...


What I wonder is, could a "100000 light year-diameter quantum explosion" actually destroy the Milky Way? Just curious.

2004-Sep-27, 12:02 PM
A 100000ly quantum explosion? Does that mean an explosive yield of an eV? Theoretically, the photon from such a reaction would be able to traverse 100000ly, providing it wasn't absorbed by something on the way.

Celestial Mechanic
2004-Sep-27, 12:40 PM
Sure, it slices and it dices, but does it make hundreds of Julienne fries in seconds? :D

2004-Sep-27, 01:52 PM
Lol, oh boy, that brings me back. They just don't make games like that anymore.

But a quantum explosion...I have to wonder what they mean by that. Like Glom said, it could be an explosion with a yield of one eV...which would be pretty useless. On the other hand, the modifier "quantum" might simply refer to the nature of the explosion, rather than its yield, meaning that the device took advantage of quantum uncertainty somehow, or expanded the quantum foam or some bizarre thing like that. I'd say a device which expanded the quantum foam into billions of traversable wormholes would be quite destructive, though it would probably result in more of an implosion, rather than an explosion, and the energy requirements for expanding such wormholes across a sphere 100,000 lightyears in diameter would probably be better spent on a star-destroying beam.