View Full Version : It is learnt that today something is going in the sky

2012-Jun-14, 08:02 PM
An asteroid of 1000x2000 (exact height and weight don't know) feet in height and length, which is going on more than 3 lac. km away from earth !!

but when it is going, where it is going, why it is going really don't know.

I apophis has great time to take journey yet. !!

Ara Pacis
2012-Jun-14, 08:09 PM
are you referring to 2012 LZ1? From www.spaceweather.com:

Newly-discovered asteroid 2012 LZ1 is flying past the Earth-Moon system today. At closest approach on June 14th (23:10 UT), the 500 meter-wide space rock will be 14 lunar distances (3.3 million miles) away.