View Full Version : Top Secret Air Force Mini Shuttle lands after Record-Setting Stay in Space

2012-Jun-17, 06:11 PM
Image Caption: 2nd X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle Successfully Completes 1st Flight by landing at Vandernberg AFB, Calif., on June 16, 2012. The record setting mission lasted 469 days in earth orbit. Designed to be launched like a satellite and land like an airplane, the second X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, built by Boeing for the United [...]

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Van Rijn
2012-Jun-18, 05:48 AM
It's funny how they keep calling this "top secret" yet the Air Force is making landing pictures public, and there's quite a lot of information available about the X-37B. Sure, they aren't giving us mission details, but if they wanted to keep this quiet, the only public information would be the stuff they couldn't hide, as with the spy satellites: The rocket launch, and that there would be a visible object in orbit.