View Full Version : Organics Found in Mars Meteorites, But Nothing Biological

2012-Jun-20, 04:50 PM
Editorís note: This guest post was written by Andy Tomaswick, an electrical engineer who follows space science and technology. The search for biologically created organic molecules on Mars goes back at least to the 1970s with the Viking program. Those missions had famously mixed results, and so the search for carbon-based life on Mars continues [...]

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2012-Jun-21, 11:06 AM
That might sound like a depressing result for the astrobiologists. But the important finding from this study is that Mars has been natively and naturally creating complex organic molecules for 4.2 billion years and may be still be doing so today. Since the creation of organic molecules on Earth was a precursor to life, scientists can still hold out hope that the same life-creating process might have already happened on the red planet.What if Curiosity finds no evidence of 'the same life-creating process' having 'already happened on the red planet' ?
Will that then mean that 'the creation of organic molecules on Earth was not a precursor to life ?

On the other hand, if evidence is found of the creation of organic molecules on Mars, and no evidence of any life is found but there is evidence of past water, then what can be said about our present strategy for searching for exo-life ??

Do we really have any clue about what we're looking for, and where we're looking for it ?