View Full Version : Should we be worried about an H5N1 pandemic?

2012-Jun-22, 08:00 AM
The second of two controversial H5N1 studies was released today. My question is this: if H5N1 were to become easily transmissible between humans, how bad would it be? Are there any potential vaccines available (I heard the swine flu vaccine helps)? How hard would it be to develop and mass-produce a vaccine before the pandemic gets out of hand?

Or is the talk of a pandemic just hype?

Ivan Viehoff
2012-Jun-22, 09:12 AM
It depends what you mean by "worry about".

I understand that in the few cases that have occurred in humans death rates have been rather high by comparison with other flu viruses.
However there do appear to be substantial barriers to transmission.

Personally I'm not "worrying about" it just now for the latter reason. However for the former reason it would appear to be sensible for public authorities to devote adequate resources to research to facilitate public action in case mutations occur that lower the barriers to transmission.

There are people who like to hype anything, even complete nonsense, so no doubt some of what you read is hype.