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2012-Jun-22, 09:53 PM
My youngest, Boo, is looking at a four year University up in Seattle this fall. Going for her degree in stage craft.

Right now she's "padding her resume" beforehand and she recieved a scholarship to the Santa Rosa Repertory* Theatre in a student position.

Whereas when she did Cabaret all the stage production took two months, now, working with multiple theatre troupes she's going to do the stage production for seven shows in three months.

The first one she's working on is called "Avenue Q" and Boo has learned how to create convincingly Jim Henson-esque muppets of different sizes, included three human sized ones. Their teacher was the muppet maker for the last three or four movies.

I can hardly wait for next Halloween. I'll drop a couple a hundred bucks on Boo and have her make me one of those big monsterous muppet outfits. The kind that make folks wet themselves.

And she's getting a BIG education in making other people's clothing. (clothing of other peoples?).

Was tasked with making six yamulkes and as simple as that sounds, it plumb kicked her butt. The others she works worth are not students and knocked all theirs out in fifteen minutes. She wasn't half done an hour later and all she made went into the scrap heap. This, from somebody who can make a movie-grade muppet you can wear. I told her that was like Evel Kneivel falling over on a bicycle.

After that hour somebody realized she was having this problem and showed her how to actually make one. Boo was really upset, but her teachers reminded her she was a student and that's why she's there.

and then it's off to Seattle come fall.

I'll keep you posted so you can alert the civil authorities. :)

*Can't believe I guessed that right!

2012-Jun-22, 11:46 PM
Which school?

2012-Jun-23, 12:12 AM
Boy, you'ld think I'd remember that...

Let me get back to you.

2012-Jun-23, 12:38 AM
Well, let her know that we have a washer and dryer, so if she wants to come visit now and again, she's welcome. (See, I remember the needs of college students!)

2012-Jun-23, 12:47 AM
... but her teachers reminded her she was a student and that's why she's there.

Good teachers.

2012-Jun-23, 01:03 AM
Miss G, Boo just replied to my text.

Cornish University.

2012-Jun-23, 05:54 AM
I don't think I have any friends who went there, so I have no school-specific advice. But anyway, wish her luck.

2012-Jun-25, 05:34 PM
I'll keep you posted so you can alert the civil authorities. :)
In addition to warning Gillian, can you keep us posted on Boo's progress?

I have a niece with similar interest and talent. She quit college while striving for a similar degree. She is extremely interested and talented in costume design (and right now living with mommy and daddy) is trying to build a business selling costumes (primarily to the anime convention crowd).
She's doing pretty good, but not enough to survive on.

I have no clue what kind of future is in this or similar endeavors, so having someone to compare to is going to help me understand.

2012-Jun-25, 06:28 PM
I have friends who have made a living at it, though it's never been a particularly good living. It takes a lot of work and a good client base, and I would imagine it gets more difficult the more specific your costume designs are.