View Full Version : I Took Hours to Write A Huge Post Last Night...

2012-Jun-25, 06:21 PM
Between 1 and 5 AM that I thought I posted in the Promethius thread.

About xenomorphs in some role playing games I've run.

I'm positive it posted...somewhere. But it isn't in the Promethius thread.

Anybody know where it went?

2012-Jun-25, 08:06 PM
It's post 11 in that thread.

2012-Jun-25, 09:19 PM
Hmmm, so it is.

Maybe I should take a day or two off from posting and recoup. I've been having neuro issues.

2012-Jun-25, 09:49 PM
What's the difference between "Search Single Content Type" and "Search Multiple Content Types"?

A search for the word xenomorphs with BigDon as the user turns up that post in the former, but not in the latter (the OP in this thread turns up on both searches).

2012-Jun-26, 05:22 PM
Anybody know where it went?
A mod deleted it as spam. Oh, wait... that's another thread discussion. :whistle:

2012-Jun-26, 09:21 PM
Aliens abducted it.

2012-Jun-28, 05:58 PM
Well, I'm back.

Had to post on the new forum merger first, but I'm back.