View Full Version : Canadian legal question (power of attorney)

2012-Jun-27, 06:21 AM
Hey all,

I know this is asking for specific legal advice, but it's sort of an odd situation. he needs to have it done by morning (June 27th 7 AM MDT/9 EST/2 PM GMT.

I've got a guest that needs to know the best way to state that person A is not currently competent to make decisions due to illness. Mrs. person A would like to authorize Person B to speak for him temporarily. What is the best way to phrase it, and does something like this need to go through an actual attorney, or can his wife just send a letter?

This is for Ontario Canada.

2012-Jun-27, 06:53 AM
Looking around more, and getting some more information from the guest, it turns out that person A was injured in a traffic accident. He wouldn't be able to sign anything.

I looked online a bit and can't find anything about the wife automatically getting POA or if she does get it, if she can transfer it to a third party. It looks like they do need a Notary though.