View Full Version : A few suggestions to Jay reg. the Clavius site

2002-Jun-03, 10:04 AM
Hi Jay !

Here´s a few suggestions to, if possible, improve the already excellent Clavius site:

(1): How about adding a "What´s New" page ?
Sort of like the one, Big P has at:


I am aware that you have begun using the "New"-icon (http://www.clavius.org/img/icon-new.gif), but I believe that a special "what´s new" page would be even better. It need not be anything fancy. Just list the date, a short description and the link. Like for instance:

"June 2, 2002 - Added a debunking af Cosmicdave´s 32 questions:


"May 15, 2002 - Added a page on Jack White:


It need not be any more complicated than the above. Just one single place to look.

(2): Have you considered adding a "website search engine" ? You have a big amount of information on your site - and it would be great, if you created a site search engine, perhaps like the one, Big P has at:


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2002-Jun-03, 03:09 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. Phil also advised me to get a search engine, and I'm going to add that as soon as possible.

As for the "What's New" page, very few of our modifications actually fall into neat little documentable packages, but I have been considering several means of showing updated and added content.

One major modification we're planning is that the "Gravity" section will be folded into the "Environment" section, leaving that lovely green color to use for another section to be decided upon. Needless to say the "to do" list grows rather than shrinks.