View Full Version : Cryder Butte (OR) Cinder Cone Activity

2012-Jul-09, 06:58 PM
Part of the Davis Lake Volcanic Field, this small Cinder Cone sits a top a old uplift region.


Since friday there have been 7 quakes in this uplift area, all around 3-4 km depth. Most likely this is nothing, as there hasn't been any activity in this cinder cone field in over 2700 years.

2012-Jul-18, 02:09 PM
3 more quakes at the Cryder Butte area, again at 4 km depth. All these 10 events have been exactly mag 1 quakes. Looking at the wave forms for them, they appear to be strike/slip faulting and not uplift related, so far.

2012-Jul-23, 06:58 PM
Two more quakes at Cryder Butte, again both about 1.0 mag over the weekend, bringing the total upto 12 so far. Nothing in USGS reports about these, which I would not expect there to be. Similar 4-5km depth on the first one, but the second one was at 500m depth, very shallow. The last 5 quakes do seem to be along a fault location just south of the Butte.

Intresting to see even such minor activity around a newer cinder cone (geologicly speaking, it's about 5 thousand years old), but the minor activity is nothing to worry over.

2012-Aug-09, 07:04 PM
After some quietness, there was another minor quake at the butte, .8 mag and about 13km depth, so far, the deepest event yet.

2012-Aug-18, 03:58 AM
Two more quakes this week at Cryder Butte, both 0.9 Magnitude.

2012-Aug-21, 06:52 PM
Another quake of 1 magnitude early this morning.

2012-Aug-24, 07:15 PM
Two actual minor volcanic tremors today at Cryder Butte, short duration, still technically background level events though.

Still too soon to tell if this minor activity will become more significant or not. Most like not, but it's fun to catch this series of quake and tremors from the beginning, either way.

2012-Aug-27, 07:28 PM
Another quake this morning .9 Mag. And a surface level quake yesterday, .8 magnitude, just about 1/4 mile from highway 97.

2012-Aug-30, 02:40 PM
Somewhat off-topic, but why are there so many cinder cones in Oregon compared to my state of Washington, where I don't actually know of any?

2012-Aug-30, 02:51 PM
Eastern Oregon had more volcanic activity, I think, & we do have a few cinder cones in eastern Wa, but I suspect most of them got wiped in the Bretz floods. Hoping someone with more knowledge can provide an authoratative answer.

2012-Aug-31, 02:18 PM
WA has a few Cinder cones (mostly around Rainier) , as does Calif, Colorado, Idaho, nevada and other western states.

Oregon does have the largest number of them per area, that I know of. In the area of Newbery Caldera there are over 400 cinder cones alone. There is a trail of 62 cinder cones leading from Mt. Hood, to Mt. Tabor in Portland. Crater lake/klamath falls area also has a striking number of cinder cones, and even entire forests growing out of cinder fields.

I've read figures from 800 to around 2000 cinder cones total in Oregon, and no real explainations as to why there are so darn many of them here. I don't think there has been any real attempt to survey them all, and try and understand why the amount of them, as it's such a momumental task. Almost all of the red and black cinder rock sold in USA for decoration comes from. The green cinder rocks, that are very rare, came exlusively from this region, and those few cinder cones that had it are no longer allowed to be harvested for sale. Will still have a few green tinted asphalt highways made from it. Thats such a unique trait of those highways that they like to keep them that odd color. Fun drive on one of those highways, it goes from black, to red, to green, back to red, then black asphalt again. It's was nick named rainbow run by people back in the 70's.

2012-Oct-02, 06:56 PM
No activity at Cryder Butte over the last month, so It looks like what ever was happening here is finished now.

Sorry, doesn't look like we'll have an erupting cinder cone anytime soon.

2012-Oct-08, 10:39 PM
Well crap. Amboy going up would have been nice.

2012-Oct-17, 06:59 PM
Well maybe I spoke too soon...

A .9 mag Quake this moring at 6:33, followed by a tremor (reaching 1.2 mag) lasting 1.5 minutes just after 7am. I'm reluctant to call this one a volcanic tremor, (even if it is a harmonic tremor) as it was picked up on seismographs some distance from the activity, and a few things about it make it look more like fault slow motion tremor, then a volcanic one.

2012-Nov-16, 08:04 PM
Been quiet at Cryder Butte since last report. The only activity around the region has been the hydropshearing quakes from the newberry geothermal drilling.

2013-Jan-11, 07:56 PM
A 1.4 magnitude eq Monday at Cryder Butte, that appears to be hydrologic related, it's too far away from Newberry to be related to the drilling. Don't know what to make of this as it's a signature that you only usualy see around Yellowstone, or other hyrdothermicaly active areas. Cryder Butte as far as I know does not have any hydrothermal vents though.

2013-Jan-11, 08:17 PM
Cryder Butte as far as I know does not have any hydrothermal vents though.Maybe it "wants" one :)

2013-Jun-05, 07:41 PM
Not much since last report, except a small explosion of .1 Magnitude today, on the other side of Cyder/Ringo Buttes, smack in the middle of the Black Rock lava flow pummice fields.

This is not a pummice field one walks into lightly, I went there when I was in my teens, and the pummice there will rip up the toughest of sneakers in a matter of minutes. Hiking boots might survive a few days. Infact even the rock quary people are not allowed to go into that pummice field because of how dangerous it can be. If you slip in that ragged pummice, or trip, you can wind up having parts of a limb or fingers getting cut off if you fall wrong.

So I'm not sure who would be in there setting off explosives, unless the USGS is placing some new equipment there. If they are it should be in fridays report.

2013-Jun-05, 08:18 PM
A picutre of both the Black Rock Butte/Odell pummice field (the more Distant one), and the one with the explosion (Black Rock Lava filed). The mountain in the back ground is Odell Butte. Hammer and Ringo/Cryder Butte's would be behind the photographer.


2013-Aug-30, 08:01 PM
I very tiny strike/slip quake this week at the foot of Cryder Butte.

2016-Jul-24, 05:20 PM
Evidently, I was not the only one to note the odd activity here.

As of the 23rd of last month, Cryder Butte has become the first actively monitored Cinder Cone in the Northwest.

Station URL: https://pnsn.org/seismogram/current/crbu

Google Maps URL: https://www.google.com/maps/dir//43.559972,-121.7092415/@43.5535868,-121.8463766,11z/data=!5m1!1e4?hl=en

*edit to add*

Looks like the station been there longer, since sometime in 2015. It just had gone offline a few months, making it look recent.

2016-Jul-26, 12:27 AM
Emailed USGS about the new station, here was their reply.

Hi Darren,

We placed a station out there in mid October 2015 in response to a swarm near Cryder Butte (http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/cvo/cvo_news_archive.html, click on the "2015" tab; also head to http://www.bendbulletin.com/newsroomstafflist/3621874-151/series-of-small-quakes-detected-near-la-pine for an article about the swarm and comment from AltaRock). The swarm petered out after a few weeks, and we did not observe any deformation.



2016-Aug-10, 02:03 PM
A small swarm of quakes last week at Cryder, 7 total, all under magnitude 1.5. Six strike slip quakes and one volcanic quake.