View Full Version : Forum merger imminent - BAUT down overnight starting 7 pm ET July 10

2012-Jul-10, 12:53 AM
The owners of this forum, Fraser Cain and Phil Plait, have joined with Pamela Gay and others to form a citizen science endeavor called CosmoQuest (http://cosmoquest.org/). (Click on the name to visit their website.) They have received financial support from NASA, the Space Telescope Science Institute, and various individual NASA missions. They've also partnered with some of the same organizations as well as the Planetary Society and the Canadian Astronomical Data Center.

With help from supportive nonscientists they've already contributed to peer-reviewed scientific endeavors such as discovering Kuiper Belt Objects, which may lead to the current Pluto mission, New Horizons, visiting one of them after it flies past its primary target.

What they do not have right now is a robust discussion forum. This is where we come in. With the advice and consent of the administrators and moderators here, the BAUT forum is going to become part of CosmoQuest. The plan is for the changes to be minimal:

- All posts will be incorporated.
- The current forum organization will be maintained.
- All current moderators and administrators will be retained as such.

The benefits include:

- Greater involvement from the forum's owners.
- Greater involvement from professional scientists.
- Greater opportunity to do and discuss science yourself.

The current plan is to implement the changeover starting 7 pm ET Tuesday, July 10, and finishing by 5 am Wednesday morning. (That's 2300 UT to 0900 UT.)

Of necessity, the forum will go down for several hours, and it is possible that some posts made just beforehand may not be carried over to the new host. It's also possible that technical difficulties will be encountered sufficient to call the whole thing off for the time being. So please be patient.

For more information or to discuss this changeover, please see this thread. (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php/135881-Impending-Forum-Name-Change)

BAUT Forum Administrator