View Full Version : Are we sure the sun location is correct on all these images?

2012-Jan-19, 12:15 PM
the sun is supposedly from the bottom of the image but the south side of every crater is lit.
This seems to happen a lot. I normally just base the sun direction off all the craters I see in the image.


2012-Jan-19, 07:52 PM
Hi Wayne - this is a known issue we're working on. It came about because of a mistake that I had made, actually: The LROC images come down at any range of sun angles. To try to make the craters look like craters instead of hills, I'm rotating all images with the sun coming from the lower half (roughly 10 through 170 if 0 is due East and you go clock-wise). This was all done correctly. But then I forgot to give the programming team the final sun direction after the rotation.

I discovered this issue late Sunday night, and with the public announcement on Monday, the programming team has been swamped with fixing other bugs. But yes, it's an issue and we're working on it. :)

2012-Jan-19, 11:27 PM
Good, I'm glad it wasn't me just going crazy. :)

2012-Jan-20, 02:47 AM
And this is why we're in beta right now. ;)