View Full Version : Early Milestone Reached: >1 user view per postage stamp of a NAC Image

2012-Jan-26, 12:05 AM
I've been doing some daily stats on images and compiling results, looking for any early issues cropping up. One of the main ways I process the data is to reconstruct each original image by building up the craters for that image. For those who don't know, each 450x450 postage stamp you're looking at is actually a small part of a bigger image.

When doing this, I can figure out how many people have looked at each postage stamp. I can then figure out how many people have looked at what percentage of the postage stamps in a NAC image. For our top-priority one, last night, we finally had an average of 1.00538 users look at every postage stamp of that one image. That doesn't mean that all postage stamps for that image has been looked at -- in fact, as of just now, 24% still hadn't been. What goes into that 1.00538 average is the fact that we have a few (8) that have been looked at by 3 people, more (49) that have been looked at by 2 people, the most (84) that have been looked at by 1 person, and then back down to 45 that haven't been looked at at all.

But, it's still a milestone for our beta!

2012-Jan-26, 02:41 AM
Well done, astrostu!
Can't wait to hear more as more results come in...

2012-Jan-26, 02:42 AM
Well done to our volunteers, Irene. :)