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2012-Feb-03, 07:25 AM
One of our frustrations is Moon Mappers just doesn't work on an iPad. This is in part due to click and drag causing images to move rather than craters to be drawn. I'm sure there are other issues as well... but that's the one that is most in your face.

Rather then try and create a web app that is all things for all devices, we'd like to create a tablet app that replicates the functionality of Moon Mappers (and future projects that will use a similar set of tools), but that has the added bonus of allowing users to download to their device a select number of images so they can work on off line or in poor connectivity.

Baseline functionality:
- user logins (need to figure out how to authenticate users with VBulliten database/method, but remotely)
- app gets set of images
- user marks images just like they would online
- marks are submitted to our server.
All the javascript we're currently using is a right click away on moon mappers.

Dreamland functionality:
We are developing a whole suite of different citizen science tasks that use a specific set of tools. The labels on the tools sometimes change ("mark boulder" on one project becomes "mark cosmic ray" on another), and sometimes they get used more then once (draw red line and draw blue line), but it is one core set of tools. We will be building for the web something that allows us to turn tools on and off tools from a design window. If there could be an app design tool that allows the scientist to essentially design by checking buttons, and uploading tables of images, that would be something at would enable new projects, and new science to be done for a long time to come.

Let the idea swapping begin (and please tell me what shared spaces, and tools you need, and I'll work to get the infrastructure in place)

2012-Feb-03, 10:47 PM
Does Moon Mappers have developer account in Apple? or Android Developer account?

2012-Feb-03, 11:23 PM
It doesn't (and it feels like it should be a CosmoQuest that has the accounts maybe?) Should I set these up?

2012-Feb-04, 12:35 AM
To test an Ipad/iphone app during the development process, you need to have a developer account on http://developer.apple.com. On the contrary, when you develop an android app. you can test without a developer account on android. For android, you need it only to put the app on the android market. Basically, for any iOS development you need a developer account. =(

2012-Feb-06, 02:43 PM
In addition any development for iOS must be done on a Mac. The only other way is to make the app a webapp using somthing like phonegap... which uses HTML 5 to produce the app. Something to consider. Also, it might be helpful to have one person develop the UI layouts such that they represent the entirety of the app rather than allow different dev's to take a spin at it. That way the app looks and feels consistent across views and platforms.

2012-Feb-06, 03:57 PM
@Starstryder DO you have the scope of the project or UI?

2012-Feb-06, 10:44 PM
@Fr4nc3 the best I have at the moment is the info above. I can do a UI design and write out a longer scope of work as needed. Right now I'm buried in some other UI designs, but I can try and get this higher up the priority list.

2012-Feb-09, 12:17 PM
I've just bought a ASUS Transformer Prime so I could plunge into making an android app.
These are the requirements as I see them

login for the user
Allow the user to configure the amount of storage used by the app (this should probably be a range so that they don't just pick 1gig and chew up bandwidth).
Transfer Data, both upload finished data and download more maps. (do we want to keep track of images so they don't do the same ones over again? Would this be handled by a web service?)
Move through the images they have with the default to the next image that hasn't been done. IE they should be able to start mapping an image and come back to it later before uploading.
Mark features
Tags for the images like "Has linear features", "odd features", "bad images"
Map the craters,

This will be more tricky then it sounds because many devices aren't designed for precision work like PC's are with a mouse. So with that in mind here are functions that I believe would be needed

Draw crater area (touch the center, drag out to enlarge the circle)
Move an existing crater area by touch or by "nudge" buttons
"Nudge" the crater area's size up and down
Delete a crater area
toggle crater area display
a zoom mode/buttons

Nice to haves?
Some type of bookmark for images so they can come back to them? Perhaps with a note they can give to themselves?
Brightness and contrast controls?
Stats stored on the device so they see how much they've done?
Psychological rewards...like milestone, virtual award?
ability to see where on the moon's the image they are looking at is from?

Which leads me to my next question. Are the images like normal satellite images and rhombus? What's the format of the data?
Lat,Long of centre point and radial size?
coordinate point within the image and radial size?
Do we care about the order in which they make the craters areas? Might be some interesting data to be mined there. Some people might show a clear preference for biggest to smallest, or easiest to see to hardest.
Do we have a web service(s) to interact with?

Also branding of the app.,. I'd suggest a pretty clean interface but certainly a little logo in the area the controls are.

Anything else I missed? I'm sure there is.

2012-Feb-09, 04:55 PM
Those are a good set of starting requirements and questions. I think the precision of most tablet screens is close enough to useful. I agree that a list of available web services and the APIs to those should give everyone enough to start.

2012-Feb-09, 10:48 PM
I've only ever created web services in the Microsoft realm and there it is **** easy. I'm more then happy to do proper requirement and design specifications for web services and even write them as they'd live in the MS realm. Converting those services should be straight forward to someone that knows Pearl or Python and web services in the CQ environment.

I always say the hardest thing about programming isn't programming but knowing the environment.

Could we get a copy of the data base schema? That would be a good start to know what the end client and web services need to provide.

2012-Feb-10, 06:50 PM
All I can "add" to this discussion is that as soon as the iPad 3 comes out, I'm splurging. So I can test on that if you get anything going. :)

2012-Feb-13, 05:38 AM
Cosmoquest needs an Developer account on Apple https://developer.apple.com/ because if a person develop the app will appear as owner and second if he or she wants to transfer it to cosmoquest later, it will be quite complicate.

2012-Feb-14, 07:32 AM
Hi All,

I'm working to finish the code for WeAreCosmoQuest (and putting it in GITHub) as soon as I'm done, I'll chew through this thread and setup a developer account (may be tomorrow). We just hired a new student programmer today, so I'm hoping you'll start getting more time from me on the forums.


2012-Feb-14, 11:59 PM
NP Pamela, Make sure you don't pull out your hair because you're trying to do everything :) And doing a good job at it too....not pulling your hair out but doing "EVERYTHING" :)

2012-Feb-15, 12:13 AM
Hi All,

I've set of an Apple Developer account for iOS. I'm about to start a thread about this that is sticky.


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And why you had not published data:(