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2012-Mar-02, 08:28 PM
There are quite a few FAQs floating around CosmoQuest. Here's a list with brief descriptions. You may want to visit these first, but if you're not sure where your question fits, feel free to post it here. You'll be helping us to write the smaller, friendlier, more "CQ-specific" version of the general forum FAQ. :)

Forum FAQ (General) (http://cosmoquest.org/forum/faq.php) - Large guide to the basic workings of the forum. May be a bit overwhelming at first, but it's there when you're ready!
Forum FAQ (CQ-specific) - Being written even now...
CosmoQuest Website FAQ (http://cosmoquest.org/FAQ) - Under construction. Questions about CosmoQuest will be found here.
Moon Mappers FAQ (http://cosmoquest.org/Moon_Mappers:_FAQ) - Questions about the science and the tasks of Moon Mappers.