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2012-Apr-22, 09:23 AM
Hey everyone,
My club put me in charge of seeing if we could broadcast the annular eclipse that's happening in May. We're driving up to be directly in the center of it and we'll have solar scopes and speakers galore. I'm curious if anyone has ever dealt with the task of taking these streams (webcam/ccd connected to a solar scope) and broadcast them (via the web) for people throughout the world to view?

We would like the ability to switch between two streams seamlessly, as well as record the broadcast.

Any suggestions?

2012-Apr-22, 07:54 PM
My first thought was using G+ Hangouts like the Virtual Star Parties on CosmoQuest. Then you could record the broadcast as well.

2012-Apr-23, 06:23 AM
I second kmasterdo's recommendation. G+ Hangouts are great for streaming live, though unless you have the On Air functionality, wouldn't be able to be seen by everyone at that moment.

I'd also recommend Justin.tv or Ustream to set up live web feeds of your solar observations!

Good luck!

2012-Apr-23, 07:23 PM
Good suggestions kmasterdo and dystorteddream! Stridera, let us know how it goes. This is becoming a popular option for sharing astronomy, and we could all benefit from your experience in getting an event like this started. Thanks!!