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2012-Apr-23, 03:20 PM
Hi all. How is everyone? I am brand new to this, and think this is the coolest. I would love to contribute as much as i can, but I am finding it hard to determine the difference between, say craters, which most are easy to identify, but am having problems determineing smaller objects. Is there a way to zoom in on these pics to be able to identify more accuretly as to what they are (small craters, or boulders, mountian cliffs, ect). Also when finishing a picture sometimes i get a message saying that my pic closely resembles what others have done. My question is if that message doesn't appear have i missed some important features and is there anyway to check or view other contributors work to see what i am missing? I would very much like to contribute the most accurate data i can, but again i am brand new to this if some one could help, any help at all i would be ever so thankful.
thanks all :)
David Scott Halsey (ranken)

2012-Apr-23, 07:03 PM
Hello David, and welcome to CosmoQuest!

First, there is now zoom function other than the one in your browser.

Second, the message you see is not displayed after every image, so no worries about this (See here (http://cosmoquest.org/Moon_Mappers:_FAQ)).

And last, you will soon get more proficient in marking craters. If you need help, there's the FAQ (http://cosmoquest.org/Moon_Mappers:_FAQ) (which also answers your accuracy question), the surface features glossary (http://cosmoquest.org/blog/2012/03/the-surface-features-glossary-is-here/) and the other material you can find under "The Science" and "The Mission". Of course, you should feel free to ask any questions you have here on the forums.

2012-Apr-23, 07:50 PM
Welcome, David! Glad you're here! Good suggestions from Kmasterdo above. :-) Keep on marking craters, and don't worry about accuracy (although I admit it's hard not to!). The more pics you mark, the better. And let us know what you like and don't like as you go along.

2012-Apr-24, 07:37 PM
Another suggestion if you worry about your accuracy: You can look at your recent markings in the Moon Mappers Gallery (http://cosmoquest.org/mappers/moon/gallery/) and compare them to the average and individual markings by other users.

2012-Apr-24, 08:20 PM
Hi there,
I am also brand new to Moon Mappers (joined just 2 days!) and am already enjoying the impresive pictures of the moon.
Thanks to these post I have also discovered the Moon Mappers Gallery and can now compare my marks with the ones of other users. This is in fact a good thing, because I see that I have missed several big but subtle craters in some of the pics: they seem so evident and clear once you see the marks by other users! Hope I'll do it better from now on.

2012-Apr-25, 05:31 AM
Hi snaiferberg, and welcome to CosmoQuest! I'm glad you enjoy Moon Mappers! Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

2012-Apr-25, 11:37 AM
Hi Naiara--welcome! Glad you're here! Stop by the forum often and let us know how you like CosmoQuest.

2012-Apr-26, 09:48 AM
It occurred to me that examples are all of depression looking craters and none are of the bump looking ones. Perhaps you could put a row of bump examples underneath.

You can tell the bump ones by where the shadows are in relation to the sun. Some of them are pretty vague though.

Also it would be helpful if on the main marking page there was a link to the last picture with other people's marks on. Like the gallery but less clicks to see it. A popup window showing the image with the 'toggle all marks' on would be great.