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2012-Jun-24, 03:06 AM
You, in 2011 did a good job with a program of searching for objects more beyond Neptune.
They achieved several thousand people from all over the world to cooperate by marking objects.
Of early end of the year, the program term without many explanations, this caused some frustration that led some to write things that unfairly hurt the group that worked on the project.
If us frustration, I think speculate that you was no different.
I remember you wrote: "I myself do not know because"
I imagine their reaction when they met them and told them something like this:
Boys have done a great job with the program, already 8,000,000 images were processed and marked 2,000,000 objects.
But we decided to change the site, so that should do all the work again......
This new work was Ice investigators and now meets his first 100 days.
Congratulations and go ahead.
We will continue to cooperate with you and we will be able to find the target.

2012-Jun-24, 11:49 AM
Congratulations and go ahead!!!
Cheers gonano.

2012-Jun-24, 06:06 PM
I am anticipating that 100 Days is the first of many milestones that we will accomplish as the Ice Investigators team.

2012-Jun-24, 08:37 PM
Hi All,

It had been just another Sunday here. I got up too early to go help with a local horse show then did some choirs around the house before settling down to my keyboard. Just another day. I hadn't even realized until I say Rafael's email that it had already been 100 days of Ice Investigators!

Thank you all for your efforts. You're doing tremendous work!

I'll be writing up a blog post about this in a bit.

Your are all the heros of the day.