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2002-Jun-04, 03:28 AM
Is there anyone on this BB that believes there is or could be a Planet X. Not just any Planet X mind you. I am specifically talking about the one that is coming in the spring/summer of 2003. If you don't believe there is no need to reply I expect that. I am more interested in the "reality" that lives here on the internet and the number of people out there who wouldn't know a black hole from a dognut hole. There are alot of them and they "believe".

2002-Jun-04, 03:46 AM
No, I don't believe there's any such thing, but here's one of my favorite Planet X websites. It's just a basic summary, and as an extra bonus, it has neat articles about other "Armageddon" scenarios, so if you don't like the "world ends by Planet X flyby" scenario, you can pick, say, "Virus Pandemics" or "Ice Caps Melting". My personal favorite is the "Methane Explosion". /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif


2002-Jun-04, 05:11 AM
If you were a betting man, you could get a wager going against Planet X showing up in 03 and do well for yourself. With only a year to fall in, it couldn't be that far out, so it would have been detected by amateurs by now, so even with a "conspiratorial" astronomical community, the news would be out. It would be the single most important topic in the astronomical community overnight, then the media would get it and eventually even the politicians would stumble upon it.

Kinda quiet out there.

2002-Jun-04, 09:44 AM
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MY baINdex (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?topic=183&forum=1#LOCKTHRD)

Kinda quiet out there.
---------------------- yeah 2003 will soon be here
Now how big ? Yeah? Y i ask was its not exactly clear.
No I don't bother with .PIC's or JPG's or steaming Video's
they are entertaiment/profitable
noe about the Atomic "Wait" of Pt. ?

2002-Jun-04, 12:45 PM
Checkout http://www.darkstar1.co.uk

The best Planet X site out there!

2002-Jun-04, 02:20 PM
Thanks Jigsaw.
Thats another website I hadnt found. Any thoughts on how many people surf this type of website. Or any thoughts within your cirlce of aquaintances how many people are aware planet x