View Full Version : Dark Galaxies Found from the Early Universe

2012-Jul-11, 02:30 PM
Caption: This deep image shows the region of the sky around the quasar HE0109-3518, near the center of the image. The energetic radiation of the quasar makes dark galaxies glow, helping astronomers to understand the obscure early stages of galaxy formation. Credit:ESO, Digitized Sky Survey 2 and S. Cantalupo (UCSC) How do you find a [...]

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2012-Jul-13, 08:14 AM
I would not be surprised if these galaxies are only dark because the energy output from the quasar is stopping star formation.
These galaxies are only a few million lightyears from the quasar.
The gas clouds can't condense into stars because they are being exposed to so much radiation that their fluorescence can be seen by us across the universe.