View Full Version : Anyone have images of Mt. Piton?

2012-Jul-14, 05:58 PM
I think Mt. Piton is a lunar mountain that might interest some of you. Any pics?

2012-Jul-15, 05:49 PM
Wikipedia (and the internet at large) has several images and a description of this. What about it is of particular interest?

2012-Jul-15, 07:54 PM
Stupid me never thought of the obvious: http://the-moon.wikispaces.com/Mons+Piton

It just looks like a great place to visit. Don't know about finding the Sentinel on its summit--but it looks most like the old paintings of what the lunar surface were thought to be before we saw lunar gardening erosion from micrometeoroids allowing low rolling hills instead of craggy peaks that Chesley Bonestell had envisioned.

2019-Nov-15, 08:52 PM
but it looks most like the old paintings of what the lunar surface was thought to be

an example of that was the Melies' movie: it was an early black&white movie full of lurid (even smelly) details... something like watching opera ballet dancers from their dressing room... :-/

find the movie yourself on youtube - i've seen that IN PRACTICE I must abstain from posting explanatory images of what I say, to avoid being accused of contaminating the forum with spam :evil:

2019-Nov-16, 05:09 AM

I am so disappointed: I hoped to be banned again, just to be able to play the victim... :evil:

but in reality here I can TROLL as much as I wish: as long as I don't post huge pictures... TZK TZK TZK

2019-Nov-16, 05:17 AM
In my country there is proverb: you point to the moon, but the fools blame the finger...

2019-Nov-16, 08:45 PM
I am so disappointed: I hoped to be banned again [...]

Wish granted. You're welcome.

2020-Sep-26, 01:40 AM
Tonight I saw an awesome green ring/halo around a half moon about 9pm est in central Florida. It was beautiful I saw it, but my husband did not. I could only see it with my naked eye and nit through binoculars. Any explanation for this....or was I merely seeing things?. Thanks, Kat.