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2012-Apr-18, 07:07 AM
What exactly does the class, geology, have to do with the major, civil engineering? My major is civil engineering and I am taking a geology class this semester. In my geology class, people who are not majoring in geology were asked to do presentations on why taking a geology class is important for their major. I have a few reasons why geology is important for civil engineering majors, but I am looking for more information on the topic.

2012-Apr-20, 04:15 PM
Hello rieditaa,

Civil engineering concerns the design of structures; roads, bridges, sewer systems, etc. These structures are always built on, or in, the earth, which means that things like soil and rock properties, groundwater, and even earthquakes are a consideration in their design. Geology is the study of these aspects (and more), so the importance should be obvious.... ;)

Good luck with your presentation.