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2012-Jul-17, 03:26 PM
Vatican Looks for Signs of Alien Life


So if alien life is indeed found, will the Vatican admit God did not make humans? Or, perhaps
they will claim their God made those aliens as well?
What if the aliens communicate the true nature of "God", will humans then convert to alien God?
Will new religions spring up all over? Will Scientologists claim aliens are proof of their religion?

Or, will the bible be picked apart, and stories of Adam&Eve, the nephilim giants, angels, demons, fairies, Jesus be revealed or thought of as aliens? Sounds like a Prometheus scenario, native legends, bible stories and cave paintings are actually aliens.

But, what's the point of the Vatican to look for aliens? Are they trying to prove, or disprove, a scientific theory?
If nothing is found, will they claim God made only us, that's that, go to church.

2012-Jul-17, 04:10 PM
I think this was news in November 2009, which oddly is when you joined. Or am I missing something?

2012-Jul-17, 04:15 PM
without going into theology, the Vatican Observatory is a respectable scientific institution. You might be surprised just how much they already embrace about the nature of reality, how we came to be here and so forth.
From what i have heard from Vatican astronomers in the past, finding Aliens would have little impact on theology.

if you dont believe me, heres a great talk by former vatican astronomer George V. Coyne discussing the evolution of life in the universe (ive skipped to the QandA section as its a long video, but well worth watching...hes a funny guy).


2012-Jul-17, 04:59 PM
While our rules do allow exceptions for discussion of religion...

B) Focused, polite discussion of concepts such as creationism and "intelligent design" which bear direct relevance to astronomy and science, for the purposes of conversing about and addressing misconceptions.

...the OP is far too focused on the religion itself (with an inflammatory tone, at that) rather than the relevant science. With that kind of foundation, I'm doubtful about this thread's potential for staying within bounds (mutleyeng's worthy response notwithstanding) so I've closed the thread. If anyone can make a case for reopening the discussion, please report this post.

I'll also remind folks that one key to keeping these kinds of discussions polite is to remember that many people (some being members here) have a worldview that accommodates both science and faith.