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2012-Jul-26, 05:29 AM
I remember years ago reading an article by an airforce guy (I think) about the possibility of dinosaurs on the moon. The theory goes that asteroid impacts would have sent dinosaurs into space as part of the exploded crater material and some of that dino material might have hit the moon. I'm just wondering about the stuff which went deeper into space away from the sun. Could there be viable dino DNA floating around out there or would cosmic rays have completely destroyed it all. The vacuum of space should otherwise preserve biologicals pretty good right?

Yes, I want Jurassic Park!

2012-Jul-26, 08:42 PM
The comic is admittedly the opposite of realistic, but The Adventures of Dr. McNinja featured a space dinosaur civilization with pretty much that exact origin as antagonists once.

2012-Jul-30, 02:10 AM
One of the damage mechanisms for DNA is natural radioactivity. I suspect that radiation damage would have denatured the DNA in 65,000,000 years.

No Jurassic Park.

2012-Jul-30, 12:23 PM
Maybe aliens visited the earth 100 million years ago and brought a few dinosaur specimens back to their home planet: To be displayed in their zoos.