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2012-Jul-27, 01:14 AM
I don't know if this has been mentioned in another thread, but it looks interesting. There is a free online course called Introduction to Astronomy (https://www.coursera.org/#course/introastro) taught by a professor from Duke University. It doesn't start for several more months, but since it's free I already registered.

2012-Sep-29, 05:01 AM
I watched a bunch of the free Yale lectures. This could be a good find. I'll take a look, thanks!

2012-Oct-25, 01:03 PM
My fiancee is a grad of Duke and thought it was awesome to see them offering this. I'll likely take it come November. Should be fun!

2012-Oct-25, 01:08 PM
Whoops! I should have provided a link. I believe this is the intro class (https://www.coursera.org/course/introastro) you're referring to from Duke.

***Edit: Just noticed that the link was provided in the original post. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the link until I switched forum themes.

2012-Nov-21, 08:59 PM
Just a reminder that it appears that this online course in Astronomy from Duke U. is starting in about a week.

2012-Nov-22, 01:18 AM
I watched a bunch of the free Yale lectures...

Me, too. Great stuff.

2012-Nov-22, 03:54 PM
I'm enrolled since mid October . This past Monday they send me a material to refresh algebra and scientific notation ... This looks like is gonna be great , for me this is a really good chance to get closer to something i really like and love so much . In my country ( like must 3rd world countrys ) this kind of science material is completely unavailable.

2012-Nov-27, 01:49 PM
A reminder to anyone who is interested, that this course starts today. According to the email I got, it will start at Noon Eastern Time ( GMT + 5). BTW, Manuel809, welcome to Cosmoquest.

Ise Batek
2014-Jul-26, 01:22 AM
I watched a bunch of the free Yale lectures. This could be a good find. I'll take a look, thanks!

I have a BA from Yale and coincidentally I later viewed a free online course from Yale about exoplanets, black holes, and some other topic. It was a lot of fun.

2014-Nov-08, 07:44 PM
This is great! Pretty much all of the Astronomy I have learned was from free online courses or from personal studies. These kinds of classes are always helpful for beginners or as refreshers.

2015-Jan-04, 02:29 AM
Oh yeah, this is awesome. :)

2015-Jan-15, 12:15 AM
That's great. I have always been looking for lectures like that.

2015-Jun-01, 02:20 PM
Thanks Jfribrg for posting this information! I now have something interesting to do during the summer :)