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2012-Aug-06, 06:47 PM
Having of course watched a whole bunch of hours of the Curiosity landing, like many millions of others - I took for granted much of what was being delivered to us. Its NASA/JPL, of course they would have some cool interactive stuff to engage people.
It wasnt until ToSeek mentioned in a thread that Eyes On the Solar System was largely the project of a member of this forum, I got curious.
I have now watched a couple of vids about how this application came from an embryo concept to what we saw last night.
I have no doubt that there are infact many people on this forum that were part of that idea, over the years donating their own time just for the joy of it. How much that played a part in the actual application we were using last night i have no idea, but it all started just with a bunch of geeks wanting to do something cool that was just not being done by agencies.
A more an appropriate story to what the owners of this site are trying to do i simply could not imagine.

Alfa Centauri
2012-Aug-06, 08:54 PM
I just got to know Eyes on The Solar System yesterday, during the Curiosity Landing, and my mind was blown away. It certainly is something worth spreading through schools and young audience to re-awake their interest in Science and Engineering. Here in my country (Brazil), most young people are driven away from Sciences, because it is not considered a "glamourous" career, and Engineering potential is vastly wasted in mundane jobs.