View Full Version : Found: Two ‘Exact Matches’ to the Milky Way Galaxy

2012-Aug-23, 02:50 PM
This image shows one of the two ‘exact matches’ to the Milky Way system found in a new survey. The larger galaxy, denoted GAMA202627, which is similar to the Milky Way clearly has two large companions off to the bottom left of the image. InImage Credit: Dr Aaron Robotham, ICRAR/St Andrews using GAMA data. Here’s [...]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/96983/found-two-exact-matches-to-the-milky-way-galaxy/)

2012-Aug-24, 03:55 AM
So, seeing as this report bandies about phrases like 'exact matches', and yet the quotation from which this assumption was presumably derived actually says:

In total we found 14 galaxy systems that are similar to ours, with two of those being an almost exact match.”… one can conclude that the reporter in question, is the one who has actually decided that an exact match for the Milky Way (MW) has been found. (Such an "exact match" cannot be substantiated at all !)

Also, from a more discerning common reader's perspective, one is left with the yawning question:
"Yeah … so what ?"
Why should I care if an "almost exact match" for the MW region has been found ?

The actual paper is about providing more measured data to help improve the view theoretical models are capable of generating, based on the recent observation.

I am at a complete loss as to what the purpose of the article is though … particularly as the article itself introduces the vastly different concept, (with its own set of major implications) of an "exact match".

Are we supposed to feel all 'warm & fuzzy' about "exact matches" or something ?

If so, I certainly have no such feelings !

One has to question the quality of reports such as this one ..