View Full Version : Little Sitkin, Alaska, Volcano Activity

2012-Aug-31, 06:46 PM
Condition Yellow

Late night on the 29th of Aug, a unexpected and rather strong earthquake swarm of high frequencies, began at Little Sitkin Volcano, and has been increasing steadily since. No indications of any eruptive activity yet.

From USGS about Little Sitkin

Little Sitkin volcano occupies Little Sitkin Island in the western Aleutian Islands, and is within the Aleutian Island National Wildlife Refuge. The active stratovolcano rises 1188 m (3898 ft) in the center-northeastern part of the island. The island is 330 km (200 mi) northwest of the community of Adak, 377 km (234 mi) southeast of Attu, and 2173 km (1350 mi) southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. Little Sitkin has no confirmed historical eruptions, although eruptive activity near the turn of the last century seems probable based on vegetation cover of the youngest-looking lava flows. Three long-lived fumarolic and hot springs areas are known including a cluster of boiling, acidic pools on the west flank of the volcano.

2012-Sep-25, 07:15 PM
Just a minor update on Little Sitkin. The swarm has basically been ongoing since the VONA alert on the 29th of august, but no indications yet of any volcanic tremors, or elevated gas levels.

A swarm that last this long, is definately volcanic in origin, but at this point too soon to tell what might be the results of it.

2013-Jan-11, 07:28 PM
Little Sitkin was downgraded to condition green this week. The long lasting swarms here started subsiding last month, and have ceased completly the last few weeks.