View Full Version : How to make a slideshow for DVD players

Jeff Root
2012-Sep-06, 07:48 AM
I know there must be many answers to this question
across the Internet, but I'd rather ask here first.

I want to assemble family photographs onto a CD-ROM
or DVD for playing on DVD players. I have Windows 7
Home Premium 64-bit. And Ubuntu. And a DVD burner.
And a few blank CD-R disks. I have amost no experience
with standalone DVD players. I did write a computer
program in a proprietary version of BASIC about 7 years
ago which I put on a CD along with a couple of hundred
images, to show them as a slideshow. It had rather
minimal ability to select images at runtime. You could
pause, go forward and back, or go to any image picked
from the list, and continue the show from that point in
the list. I also gave it the ability to read a list from a
file not on the CD, and include images on other drives
in the computer. It ran under Windows.

I'd like the new thing to have similar abilities on a DVD
player. I want to be able to group the photos by subject
and by date, so that someone can browse through them
and easily find the desired images, out of about 10,000.
When running as a slideshow, I'd like to be able to synch
the images with music and/or narration. I'm not sure
what the music will be or where it will come from, but
right now I'm guessing that I can get away with lifting
stuff from CDs since this will have *extremely* limited
distribution and use. Maybe a funeral or two...

Does this need to be on DVD or can I get synchronized
sound and pictures on CD-ROM? Can you tell me how to
do it, or where to find out how, or what program to use?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis