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2012-Sep-06, 02:57 PM
Early '90s. Still new in career. Trying to put in application at a huge hospital complex in Omaha. Friend and I got lost, trying to find Human Resources Dept. Getting frustrated.

In a tiny lobby area, a Help phone. Picked it up. Operator polite, trying to help. At one point she misunderstood, asked me to repeat.

I pulled Help phone receiver away from my ear, held it down towards mouth and pretended to yell into it.

A pause at other end.

Friend tapped me on the shoulder. I turned, looked to where she was pointing: A camera. :doh:

The operator had seen my reaction. :( :lol: To her credit, she remained professional and helpful.


2012-Sep-06, 04:10 PM

Nope, wasn't me. Never been in Omaha in my life. And I'm not a she. Been on Omaha Beach though, but that's in France. No hospitals there. On that beach, not France.

2012-Sep-06, 06:17 PM
Same here... never been in an Omaha Hospital.

Oh; you mean similar circumstances. Yes...
A few years ago, it was during one of our (a national organization) normal performances in a stadium (field, arena and such). While the leader* was giving us directions over the loudspeaker for rehearsal, as I entered the field, I made a funny comment about her accent. (We have a lot of members with the same accent, so it's usually funny).
Usually the leader is announcing from the stand so they can see what's going on. This time, she happened to be right next to me when I said it. :doh:
Luckily, she didn't take it as derogatory, and had a laugh too.

*she was also the author of the number, lives in Canada, and has the particular Eastern European accent.

2012-Sep-06, 07:20 PM
My brother got caught smoking once. He was birdwatching at a local wildlife refuge. There's an auto-tour route through the marshes and he was taking various pictures out the window of his car. He took the film to get developed ( yes this was several decades ago). After his wife picked up the film, when she got home, she asked him why he had started smoking again. He of course denied it and said he had quit a while ago. Then she showed him a picture where the rear-view mirror was in the picture and the reflection in the mirror showed him with the camera and a cigarette in his mouth.

2012-Sep-07, 11:31 AM
At my daughter's 6th grade graduation, we were sitting in the second row. When her class was called up, they walked right in front of us. One of the boys was really small and really young looking but had a full on mustache. My fiance, not intending to be mean, leaned over and said, "Did you see that? That kids got a solid mustache!" I laughed at his reaction, I wasn't laughing at the boy. Then, after they got their certificates, they would walk to where their parents were and pose for a picture. Naturally, the parents of the kid with the mustache were sitting directly in front of us.

2012-Sep-08, 03:05 AM
I was the designated driver for bunch of drunken clowns. It must have been about 4:30 in the morning, it was the middle winter but I still drove with the windows down to sober them up. I stopped at intersection with one other car. I managed to roll up the windows just in time to stop something really embarrassing from being heard by the driver of the other car.

The guy in the back seat said, "Oh my god! That guy has a beard and no hair! It looks like his head is on upside down!" There was a one second beat before other driver looked at us. The loud mouth in the backseat said "Oh man, his windows down and he heard me!". I knocked on my window and said, "No way, I rolled the windows up."

We drove side by side for blocks, stopping at a half dozen lights with him. My charges swung back and forth from drunken comments and paranoid "be sober" silences. Finally, at our last light together, we noticed a passenger in that car. He had the exact same beard and baldness. And he was glaring at us. I was absolutely convinced that they knew were laughing at them, but had no idea why. I decided not to shadow this car any further and I pulled into a gas station. As soon as I stopped, I felt a drop of water on my head.

Yup, I had the sun roof open the whole time.