View Full Version : Rocky mountains

2012-Sep-06, 10:00 PM
How tall were the rocky mountains at their heights in Earths history? What type of rock are they made from?

2012-Sep-09, 04:38 PM
That's probably impossible to answer. The answer is dependent on a number of factors beyond their height (increased height increases erosion), but also climatic effects (greater in humid climates than dry ones). There have also been "Rocky Mountains" in one form or another for a very long time, in response to different orogenies; the current Rockies are the result of a very recent uplift.

2012-Sep-09, 08:08 PM
I think the current Rockies are a result of recent and ongoing uplift due to shallow subduction of the Farallon plate but also from not so recent orogenies.

There is no single type of rock. Because of the way the very diverse range was formed, you will find virtually all species of rock. Lots of metamorphic and sedimentary rock.