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2002-Jun-05, 01:51 PM
I found this really neat collection of Apollo links. Definately one to bookmark (to use as reference, I mean ..).

The link collection is created by Australian Stephen Souter:


Elsewhere in his link collections, Stephen Souter also has a link to a transcript of the lecture "A FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON" by one Harrison H. Schmitt. (Hmm, the name sounds familiar ...):


A quote from olī Harrisonīs lecture:

"Rover television, commanded to begin a vertical pan six seconds before engine ignition, showed the world its first liftoff from the moon. Unfortunately, the only film photograph of a lunar liftoff came from a TV screen on Earth and suffers from extremely poor resolution. Gene tried to persuade me to stay outside and take a really good picture of liftoff, but I politely declined." /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

He also tells us why he was never worried about being able to leave the lunar surface:

"Preparations included review of seemingly endless contingency procedures to be used in case the normal, computer driven liftoff, ascent, and rendezvous sequences failed. So many engineering precautions had been designed into the Challenger, however, that little likelihood existed that we would be stranded on the moon. Indeed, I don't think any Apollo crew seriously contemplated what they would do in that eventuality. For example, among the hundreds of parts making up the ascent engine, only the exit nozzle and the massive fuel and oxidizer injector ring had no matching pair or backup component (No one could figure out a way these parts could fail.) As a last resort, we could even wire the descent batteries to the circuit breakers controlling the ascent engine fuel and oxidizer valves and force the valves open. As these pressurized liquids react on contact as they mix in the engine, we would be on our way."

Anyway, the main collection of Apollo links was at:


So, remember to bookmark that one !

PS: Stephen has a number of space-related link collections "running parallel", so the best URL for an overview of ALL link collections is:


However the link collection with, by far, the most APOLLO links still is the beforementioned:


PS2: Should any of you want to contact Stephen, he has listed his email as being:


(Man, I canīt even begin to imagine, how long it must have taken him to create these link collections !!!)

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2002-Jun-05, 02:01 PM
That link's a keeper. Thanks!