View Full Version : "Observe the Moon Night" Includes Occultation

2012-Sep-12, 10:42 PM
This yearís International Observe the Moon Night is scheduled for September 22. Iíve determined that for most North Americans during that evening the Moon will occult (cover) magnitude +3.8 Mu Sagittarii. That may have been more coincidental than intentional as far as the event schedulers were concerned. Meanwhile Iíve created three preview graphics for my lunar webpage: www.CurtRenz.com/moon . Iíll place a more detailed article on that webpage after my New Moon spotting challenge becomes outdated.

If you would like occultation immersion and emersion data for your location, please reply to this thread with a longitude, latitude, elevation and time zone. Photos and descriptions of the occultation would be welcome additions to this thread.