View Full Version : Watch Out Twitterverse, the Moon, Vesta, and Ceres are in you.

2012-Sep-15, 03:28 AM
Hi all,

In case you weren't aware, CosmoQuest is on Twitter (@CosmoQuestx). However, our individual citizen science missions have one as well!

Moon Mappers = @MoonMappers
Ice Investigators = @IceInvestigator
Asteroid Mappers = @AsteroidMappers

You should definitely follow all of them for updates on hangouts, events and random silliness that erupts from our favorite planetary bodies.

Speaking of random silliness, our own NoisyAstronomer made a collage of tweets that have been happening since the launch of Asteroid Mappers here: http://storify.com/NoisyAstronomr/comedy-gold-or-at-least-titanium Enjoy!!