View Full Version : 35 Years Ago: Our First Family Portrait of the Earth and Moon

2012-Sep-18, 06:20 PM
A crescent Earth and Moon as seen by Voyager 1 on September 18, 1977 (NASA) 35 years ago today, September 18, 1977, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft turned its camera homeward just about two weeks after its launch, capturing the image above from a distance of 7.25 million miles (11.66 million km). It was the first [...]

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2012-Sep-18, 07:16 PM
So small, a fragile flower floating in a dark, deep pool.
It is precious, such a delicate piece of creation, lost in an infinite sea.
I love her, her green fields and hills, her life filled seas and oceans, her stark, but not barren, deserts and tundra, her ice swept peaks and glacier, her glowing lava flows and ashen planes. I love her rivers and streams, I love her blue sky, her clouds , rain, and snow.
I love her from the bottom of my heart, I will love till the sun dies, I will love her all my life.
Many places I hope we see, and some may well have life, perhaps even life we can talk to, laugh with, be friends.
Perhaps we will even make other places other islands of life.
But none shall ever compare to where our kind of life first danced, where the spark that became a flame first ignited.
Where, for now, she is all we have.