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Don J
2012-Sep-26, 07:22 PM
NASA Technical Report R-277
This book refers to over 450 years worth of notes recording observations of unique or unusual phenomena seen on the lunar surface.


While the majority of them can be related to meteorite impacts or Moon outgassing: there are other which seem more difficult to enter in those category.
Here some examples .....

1790 Oct 22 N/A During total eclipse, Herschel saw at least 150 small, round, bright, red luminous points. (Mid-eclipse, lunar, Oct 23, 00h41m.) W.Herschel Herschel 1912 ed.; Klado 1965


-1836 Feb 13 Messier Two straight lines of light; a band between covered with luminous points Gruithuisen Sci. Amer. Supp. Vol.7

-1877 Feb 20, 09h30m - 10h30m Eudoxus; 1 hr Fine line of light like luminous cable drawn W to E across crater Trouvelot Flammarion 1884; l'Astron. 1885

-1891 May 23, ~18h20m Aristarchus region Lunar eclipse, half hour before end of totality, Aristarchus and region immediately N of it became conspicuous and increased in brightness from that time on W.E. Jackson Jackson 1890-91; Fisher 1924

-1854 Dec 27 Teneriffe Mts. (near Plato); 5 hr Two luminous fiery spots on bright side. "... an appearance I had never seen before on the surface of the moon though I have observed her often these last 40 years .... It appeared to me from the brightness of the light and the contrast of colour to be two active volcanoes or 2 mouth of one in action." Hart Hart 1855

-1877 Aug 23-24, 23h10m N/A Lunar eclipse.
(1) Unusual spectrum with strong absorption in yellow.
(2) Two patches of crimson light of short duration (1) Airy;
(2) Capron, Pratt (1) Sirius 1878;
(2) Capron 1879

-1878 Feb 2, 08h16m At limb Changes in spectrum during solar eclipse suggesting lunar atmosphere Observers at Melbourne, Australia Sirius 1878

-1898 Jul 3, 21h47m Proclus Half hour after mid-eclipse, the crater shone with reddish light in shadow. (Lunar Eclipse) Moye Moye 1898; Fisher 1924


-1919 Nov 7, ~23h45m Tycho, vicinity Long ray in direction of Longomontanus remained visible glowing in weak gray-green light during whole eclipse (until clouds stopped observation) (Lunar eclipse) Fock Fock 1920; Fisher 1924

-1952 Apr 3 N/A Twenty-one spots were charted, one surrounded by a light area, while three streaks were seen in the NW quarter. Wilkins, Moore Wilkins and Moore 1958

-1959 Mar 24, 02h33m and 04h55m Aristarchus Strong blue and blue-violet glares; E wall, E wall bright spot, S wall bright spot; intermittent display. Observation at 04h55m of same phenomenon Bartlett Bartlett 1967

1962 Sep 16 "Whole moon" Spectrum showed UV emission, particularly in region of H and K lines by comparison with spectra of Sun, Mars and Jupiter Spinrad Spinrad 1964

Don J
2012-Sep-27, 06:10 AM
An example of Moon "cloud" outgassing taken by Apollo 8 in Crater Goclenius

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Discussion and other images:
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2012-Sep-27, 07:05 PM
Moon's Extended Sodium Atmosphere
A wide-angle coronagraphic-type imaging system used for the lunar eclipse of 16 July 2000 resulted in detections of the lunar sodium exosphere out to 20 lunar radii, approximately twice the size recorded with narrower fields of view during previous eclipses.
Source Boston University

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2012-Sep-28, 03:24 AM
Moon Storms

An old Apollo experiment is telling researchers something new and surprising about the moon.
Every lunar morning, when the sun first peeks over the dusty soil of the moon after two weeks of frigid lunar night, a strange storm stirs the surface.

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2012-Sep-28, 07:44 PM
New research eclipses existing theories on the Moon formation


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2012-Sep-28, 07:46 PM
Moon Fountains

When astronauts return to the Moon in the years ahead, they might encounter electrified fountains and other strange things.


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2012-Oct-01, 06:36 AM
Talking about strange things
Mission: Apollo 08
Question ?
What is this "protuberance" on the Moon surface .... Camera glitch / dust?. Image Artifact?
Source of the image:

Don J
2012-Oct-01, 07:36 PM
Schmitt reports "flash" on moon..

Orange soil?

Lighting marks?!!?..