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2012-Sep-27, 01:19 AM
Citation is the bane of my existence, I am terrible at it. Here is my question:

If I summarize an article from a journal in a one page document, should I use APA inline citation? I have to use the APA style, it is the inline part that bothers me.

My inclination is "no" because it is APA citation, I would only be providing a name and date, not page numbers. That provides no actionable information. Plus, I have already provided the authors name and the article title at the outset of the document and again on a References page.

If I was using MLA, I might use inline citation because I would be providing a page number. That provides information as to where the information is found. Again there would be the title page and citation page.

If this was anything more than a one page summary, I would feel more confident about how to handle this. As it is a summary, I am not correlating information, drawing conclusions, offering opinions, etc. None of it is "mine" except the tone and focus, which should count for something close to nothing.

Half of me wants to place an inline after every sentence, the other half wants to rely on the title and references pages.

Any suggestions?

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2012-Sep-30, 09:11 PM
Nice find there

2012-Oct-01, 02:40 AM
Apparently, I got it right (and 100%). Paraphrasing receives no inline citation but receives a notation on the references page while a direct quote will receive both. What a pain in the butt.

I don't mind citation and use citationmachine.net all of the time, but this teacher has some of the goofiest notation. Items such as:

"______________ means along side. Please use APA citation and inline citation where necessary."

The answer is "Para" and any elaboration, paraphrasing or synonyms are wrong. I have never cited a prefix before; I try to draw the line a whole words. This sort of behavior makes me cringe. Either she is a zealot or someone that has devised an autopilot program that never needs updating. Both require delicate handling but I am not sure which is worse to handle.