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Don J
2012-Oct-01, 04:48 AM
Hi! just wondering if the color mosaic images of the Moon can be of some utility for you Moon Mappers ?


The Clementine 0.1 kilometer per pixel images are available below. I have provided a direct link to the best interface for easy use. You can explore other options once you have mastered this...

This page is where those 2.0 gigabyte .cub files get used. It uses the ISIS program developed by the USGS

Info on the CUBIT program is available here:

Info on the ISIS (Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers) program is available here:

Clementine Images: Full Color ISIS Mapper 0.1 kilometer per pixel images


Other goodies:

Map a planet

2012-Oct-02, 07:47 PM
Hi Don - I'm familiar with some of the color mosaics, but we do not have plans at the moment to use them.

One of the primary reasons is that the other science co-lead and I are interested in craters. Color composites are best done when the sun is nearly overhead (noonish), which is pretty much the opposite for the best sun to identify craters (when it's near the horizon so we see lots of topography).

Another reason is that, at the moment, we're looking at very small (sub-km) features, and most global mosaics are at the 1 km/px level or so.

We may think of a science question that could be answered with crowd-sourced feature identification that relies on color in the future, but for the moment, we'll be sticking with monochrome images.