View Full Version : Aurora Borealis...in my front yard

2012-Oct-13, 06:44 AM
I stepped out on the deck this evening to find that the Northern Lights were out in fine fashion, so I grabbed my camera and tripod for a few quick shots. Click 'em for enlarged auroraliciousness:

http://www.brettluna.com/img/s4/v67/p1190445566-2.jpg (http://www.brettluna.com/p961954164/e46f4c1fe)

http://www.brettluna.com/img/s2/v61/p1190445588-2.jpg (http://www.brettluna.com/p961954164/e46f4c214)

In spite of being here for almost 14 years, I haven't really gotten around to doing any serious aurora photography. I may just have to fix that this winter...and in more picturesque locales than my yard.

2012-Oct-13, 10:07 AM
Nice. I have yet to see an Aurora display despite often venturing north. It is on the bucket list.