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Dark Helmet
2004-Oct-24, 04:11 AM
Just try to find some BA in this computer game trilogy from Bungie.

the only potential BA I can think of off the top of my Head, is that on of the AI's got the distance to Tau Ceti wrong at 92 LY, instead of the actual figue of 11.9 LY.

but I have not played for a while, and there might be more that I don't know about.

Kaptain K
2004-Oct-24, 04:40 AM
Tau ceti is 11.9 light-years from Sol.

Dark Helmet
2004-Oct-24, 05:10 AM
my bad, I was looking at the wrong numbers.

it is 11.9 LY, but one of the terminals says:

"This message will arive in ninty-two years"

"sending a light-speed transmission to Sol may be futile, but it is the only possible way to warn Earth of a hostile alien race."

this is from a terminal on the USEC Marathon at Tau Ceti.

2004-Nov-04, 12:48 PM
Apparently, the 92 light year figure is a deliberate mistake- it implies that Leela deliberately scrambled the Marathon's navigation data in order to conceal the location of Earth from the pfhor. Kind of like a precursor to the Cole Protocol from Halo.