View Full Version : New ‘Shiny’ Objects Found by Curiosity Rover Are Likely Indigenous

2012-Oct-18, 08:40 PM
A bright particle found inside a scoop hole created by the Curiosity rover. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Last weekend, the Mars Curiosity rover scooped out a few “bites” in the small, sandy dune known as Rocknest and inside the second scoop hole was a small, shiny particle, as we reported earlier. This speck – and others like [...]

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2012-Oct-19, 07:47 AM

2012-Oct-19, 07:53 PM

Talk about a boost to the NASA budget...gold rush '14: To Mars!

2012-Oct-20, 05:25 PM
Wasn't gold foil used in some way?

2012-Oct-20, 07:21 PM
First the outer plastic wrapper … now the gold inner liner!

Next … cigarette butts!

mike alexander
2012-Oct-20, 11:10 PM
No, the creamy nougat center.

An extraterrestrial source of nougat would be a boon to snacks in space.

2012-Oct-21, 11:30 AM
Might it not be some native metal? Perhaps not gold, but something else maybe? After all, there is no significant free oxygen to oxidise something like a weathered fragment of a metallic meteorite, for example.