View Full Version : Motion of the Becklin-Neugebauer Object & Orion SrcI

2012-Nov-02, 03:44 PM
http://arxiv.org/pdf/1211.0085.pdf is a paper about observations of the two objects mentioned in the title. These seem to be massive stars in a thick nebula in Orion, which are moving away from each other rapidly, and were at about the same place 560 years ago (as we see it). My question is what could have caused two massive stars to fly apart from each other such a short time ago, and not have left much of an energy signature?

There may be papers speculating about this somewhere, but I haven't looked yet.

2012-Nov-02, 10:48 PM
Try this one:


Basic idea: a triple-star system, consisting of a close double and a more distant third partner, underwent a very close passage of third member to binary. Result (after much complicated motions): double star is now MORE close and flies to right, third star flies away to left.

2012-Nov-03, 11:53 AM
Try this one: ...
That works for me, thanks. Amazing that it happened so recently. It would have been fun to watch.