View Full Version : Jupiter, Aldebaran, Hyades

2012-Nov-05, 07:36 AM
Trying to learn DeepSkyStacker....


Equipment: Nikon D5000, 70-300mm lenses at 70mm

2012-Nov-05, 10:47 PM
Nice, I see that you have mastered the number one problem with astrophotography - focus. It's also a good idea to do exactly what you are doing, to start learning at the simpler end of the spectrum with wide angle photography. If I may give some advise I see that your processing have left the background rather dark. It may work with this image but it best to learn to avoid it, much of the red channel is clipped (reduced bellow zero and rounded up) and that will result in mayor problems in the future.

2012-Nov-05, 11:32 PM
Thanks man, i always love to hear nice critique :)
This is my very first image that came out of Deepsky Stacker worth of sharing, so i expect to improve my skills in the future.

2012-Nov-06, 02:48 AM
Most of your problem is due to gradients as well as a green cast to the image. Looks like the clipping was due to trying to deal with the gradients by just setting the dark point so high much detail was lost rather than using the tools designed for this. Compare the three color histogram of your image to my corrected one. Imaging near LP will always create these issues. You will need the tools to deal with them. Just a couple mouse clicks when you have the software to deal with it. In this case I used two plug-ins for Photoshop, GradientXterminator and Hasta La Vista Green. Other processing software has similar tools. I can't recover what was lost setting the dark point too high however.


2012-Nov-06, 06:37 AM
I forgot to mention that i didn't remove this red cloud in purpose. It's not processing artefact it's just random cloud that appeared on the sky. Looked interesting to me, so i left it.
However, green thing is something i didn't want around.
Anyway, thanks RickJ for your time.