View Full Version : Eclipse

2012-Nov-13, 08:55 PM
Just saw Venus next to the corona of total eclipse.......nah nah NA nah nahhhh

2012-Nov-13, 08:56 PM

Don't go bragging to your friends in Cairns; apparently cloud cover spoiled their view. Or last I saw, it was going to.

2012-Nov-14, 06:03 AM
I was in cairns. All good.

2012-Nov-14, 07:08 AM
Not much to see, as such, in Wellington. It got a little dimmer.

I was speaking on the phone to a client who works in the CBD ("down town"). Apparently some guy was outside with a pinhole and piece of paper, so he could show passers-by the eclipse.

He was telling people how he had a degree in astronomy. One of the bystanders said "I did this in Primary school".

(I really am not meaning to hassle this guy, bringing science to the people, but gee, the situation made me laugh and laugh...)