View Full Version : How to create a map of the sky ?

2012-Nov-18, 04:14 PM

I start to work on a Web application which will include a map of the sky as complete as possible. I first considered to use Google Sky or some other tools like this, but it appears that it's too limitated for what I want.
So, I would want to build my own map. I would want to know where to find the data (I found some catalogues, but I would want to have more) and how to build the map from the data.
Does anybody there know how to that ?


John Jaksich
2012-Nov-18, 05:30 PM

My first "approach" would be to get open-source software and attempt to emulate "the more successful" approaches---it is free and anyone can modify it. If you are running M/S Windows ---that may prove somewhat tricky. There are many resources within the open-source movement---but caution is the word when using Windows (IMHO).

2012-Nov-18, 07:48 PM
The catalogs should have coordinate data. All you'd have to do is plot the coordintates on a grid.

Good luck with that if you don't already know how to do it; you are in for a lot of work.