View Full Version : Upcoming Lunar Occultations for Southern Hemisphere

2012-Nov-19, 09:13 PM
South America is the place to be for upcoming lunar occultations. The Full Moon will occult (cover) Jupiter for South Americans and Africans during the night of 2012 NOV 28-29. During the next night it will occult magnitude +3.0 Zeta Tauri for observers along a similar path.

For my graze maps of the two events, see my Moon webpage at: www.CurtRenz.com/moon . Observers on a graze path will be able to witness lunar hills and valleys passing by the planet or star. Full occultations will be seen between the two graze paths. Descriptions and photos of the events would be welcome additions to this thread.

South Americans will also be treated to Jupiter occultations on 2012 DEC 25 and 2013 JAN 21. Then Australians get a turn on 2013 FEB 18. There also will be Spica occultations during the coming months for southern hemisphere observers. All of this will be happening during their good old summertime! We northerners won’t really want to go outside during our wintertime anyway. ;)